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Vivi, a drug-addicted and guilt ridden teen, finds herself pushed to the brink of suicide when she suddenly and inexplicably awakes into a terrifyingly foreign and violent world. With the help of a brave believer Vilmos, Vivi sets off to find a mysterious Prophet who she hopes can help her put together the missing pieces to her puzzle. All the while, Vivi is being relentlessly hunted by a ruthless Queen and her army of sadistic madmen, including a depraved maniac Jester, who all seem hell bent on capturing her. Vivi soon realizes she must come face to face with this ominous Queen to unlock the secrets not only of this enigmatic world, but of her own existence as well. Under the Rainbow is a unique, dark fantasy/horror adventure film about suicide, drugs, murder, family, spirituality and what happens to our souls when they leave the world we know.

Featuring: Brian Dibonaventure, Rae Labadie, Gerald Prince
Director: Luke Ramer
Writer: Luke Ramer